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International Conference on Asphalt and Traffic

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ICAT Exhibitors

Indoor exhibit space is Sold Out for the 2016 ICAT; however, registration for Outdoor exhibit sapce is still being accepted.   

The list of exhibitors that will showcase their products at the 2016 ICAT is provided below.  To obtain more information about the exhibitors, please click on any of the company names below and you will be directed to their website. 


American Highway Products Ltd. / GETUM, Inc.

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

Cargill Deicing Technology

Chicago Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Civil Design, Inc.

Engineering Services Group, Inc.

Farnsworth Group, Inc.

Gallagher Asphalt Corp.

Green Climber of North America

Humboldt Manufacturing Company

Infrastructure Engineering, Inc.

inVISION Studios Inc.

JX Peterbilt

Millennia Professional Services

Missman, Inc.

OMEGA & Associates, Inc.

Sherwin Industries

SNI Solutions, Inc.

TERRA Engineering, Ltd.

Uretek USA

Whelen Engineering (Coater & Associates)

Winter Equipment Company Inc.