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International Conference on Asphalt and Traffic

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DBE Focus Board - Events

The continued integration of DBE presentations into the ICAT program each year will bring to light the issues, challenges and obstacles from both a DBEs’ and Prime Contractors’ perspectives, and seek to develop viable solutions to break down barriers that currently exist.  Specific DBE-related topics for inclusion in future ICAT programs and events are merits and challenges of various programs, lessons learned, identifying areas to improve, special events, pre-qualification and workshops.  We look forward to future meetings to help create a new venue for meaningful collaboration and sustained goodwill.


Speed Dating Event

The ICAT DBE Focus Board continues to look for opportunities to highlight the many high-quality DBE firms in Illinois.  This year the Focus Board is hosting its first speed networking event to allow DBE firms the opportunity to network with major Illinois, national and international engineering firms.  Much like “speed dating,” the invited DBE firms will have five minutes share information about their company with each participating prime.  The forum offers many benefits to its participants.  We are a relationship business, and through this venue participants are able network to lay the foundation from which to build a strong partnership.  It also gives the opportunity to highlight their primary skill sets, differentiators and recent successes in a way that an email or website visit never could.   While limited to invitation-only this year, if this year’s pilot program proves successful, we will look for opportunities to expand the event in the coming years.  Our hope is that it will become a new annual opportunity for attendees to build new relationships. 

Past Events
Bishop Smith & Senator Koehler with African American students.
Peoria Mayor Ardis at a Christmas Toys Giveaway for kids in 2013.
Mayor Ardis spoke to minority students at the ICAT 2013.
Mr. Chandra Prasad displaying his Mentor Protege award from HACIA in 2012 .
Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke at the event where CivCon and OMEGA were honored.