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International Conference on Asphalt and Traffic

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ICAT Memoirs


Sen. Koehler, Mr. Oberhelman, Sen Cullerton, Dr. Al-Khafaji and Major Ardis honoring Sen. Cullerton for the Heartland Sustainability Award at the 2012 ICAT
Dr. Al-Khafaji honoring Governor Pat Quinn with Mr. Doug Oberhelman for the Heartland Sustainability Award at the 2011 ICAT

US Secretary of Transportation

Ray LaHood with ICAT guests

Sec. Ann Schneider and Marva Boyd meeting with students at the 2012 ICAT
Prime Contractors meeting with Sec. Ann Schneider at the 2012 ICAT
Governor Pat Quinn and guests at the 2012 ICAT
Dr. Pete Ruane, President of ARTBA with Laith Al-Khafaji and Simon Shaer
Exhibitors at the 2012 ICAT
Dr. Al-Khafaji with Darcie Gabrisko, VP of Strand and John Fortmann, Region 1 Engineer at IDOT (and CEC Alum)
Gov. Pat Quinn, Sen Koehler and mayor Ardis welcoming a new company to Peoria, Southwind RAS
Senator Cullerton with Business Leaders
Dr. Al-Khafaji with the India's Ambassador to the US

The ICAT 2012 Special Meeting with Middle & High School students arranged by Bishop Smith, Bishop Davis & Rev. Ivory; also in attendance

Governor Pat Quinn, Ms. Ann Schneider, Mr. Larry Ivory, Senator David Koehler and Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji

ICAT 2012 VIP Breakfast Chaired by Mr. Doug Oberhelman
Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji and Mr. Doug Oberhelman
Operations Engineers Meeting at the 2012 ICAT
Dr. Al-Khafaji, Senator Koehler and Senator Durbin
Larry ivory, Malcolm Weems and Nabil Refai
Sen. Sandoval, Chairman of IL Transportation Com. pinning Dr. Al-Khafaji with Sen. Koehler
Rep. Mike Unes, Dr. Al-Khafaji and Sen. Luis Arroyo
Dr. Al-Khafaji with Illinois Tollway Executive Director, Kristi Lafleur
Dr. Al-Khafaji and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton in March 2013
Sheikh Saad Fawzi Abu Risha, Al-Anood Co. Amman-Jordan at the 2012 ICAT (top and right); Omer Osman, IDOT Director of Highways with the Ambassador to Botswana and his wife (bottom)