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International Conference on Asphalt and Traffic

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The ICAT Executive Board


Ed Rapp

Former Group President

Caterpillar Inc.

Jim Ardis


City of Peoria

Luis Arroyo


Illinois House

Kevin Burgard


ADM Logistics

Jehan Gordon

State Representative

Illinois House

David Koehler

State Senator

46th District, State of Illinois

Chuck Weaver

State Senator

3tth District, State of Illinois

Ryan Spain

VP of Gov't Relations

OSF Healthcare System

Kevin Zesch

Senior Vice President

Lend Lease

Catherine Batey

Chief Administrator

Federal Highway Admin.

Omer Osman

Deputy Secretary

Illinois Dept. of Transportation

James Clair

Deputy Operations Manager

Turner Construction Co.

Dan Meckes

President & CEO

Crawford, Murphy & Tilly

John Yonan

Superintendent of

Highways, Cook County

Chandra Prasad


Omega & Associates, Inc.

Jamil Bou-Saab

Senior Vice President

Terra Engineering, Ltd.